Z Gauge Train, the Smallest Model

There Is Z gauge, otherwise called Z scale, is one of the minutest model railway gauges available commercially. In fact, its track gauge is a mere 6.5mm and the electric motor of a Z gauge train is only sugar-cube in size. Furthermore, the whole engine is just 50 mm or 2 inches long. Z gauge trains are operated on 0-8 VDC with same operating features as other analog, direct current and two track model railways. Newer models are already with a decoder that has Digital Command Control.
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Z Gauge Train

Thanks to Marklin, a model train producer based in Germany, the Z scale was presented to the public in 1972. It was designed by Marklin’s engineer, Helmut Killian. Since this model is very small, it was thought that nothing smaller than it could still be made, hence Z, the last letter of the alphabet in the English and German languages, was designated as its name. Though there have been a few attempts to produce smaller models, these were not able to get much following. The Z gauge train became even popular when it was included in the Guinness Book of Records for running continuously for 1219 hours with a distance of 720 kilometers traveled before it came to a stop.

Z gauge trains may have been very popular initially in Europe, but now, it has a wide following worldwide with manufacturers spreading in Japan, North America and other parts of Europe. In fact, Z Gauge train enthusiasts from the mentioned countries often join shows and exhibition held regionally or nationally.

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