Safety with Toys

Surveys show that the most frequent causes of injuries involving toys are tripping over, falling or being hit with toys. It is very important for toys to be stored after usage. They might cause accidents if left unattended. Also, encourage your child to play in a designated area, away from any obstruction or other people. Do not allow toys to be left outside overnight either. Elements like snow, rain and dew can cause rust and may increase the chances of accidents.

Even toys designed for a specific age range can be harmful to children within that age group. Children under three years of age are more likely to put toys in their mouth. Toys for infants and toddlers should be manufactured with oversized pieces so that they cannot swallow them. When choosing toys or collectibles, always read the packages and see if they are safe for children. If you must buy a collectible with small pieces, keep them out of children's reach as much as possible.

Another possible cause of accidents with toys is lead poisoning. Children are more vulnerable to being poisoned by lead. Make sure the toys you buy are not coloured with paint containing lead. Also, pay attention to news and updates about any toy recalls. If toy manufacturers find out their products contain dangerous substances, they usually tell the public through the media. Toys are important for the growth and development of children. Through playing, they can explore their imagination, which can enhance their mental health. Think wisely when choosing toys to lessen the risks.


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